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By Mihai Eminescu

Revedere, published by Evoramons, is a bilingual (Romanian/Portuguese, translated by Doina Zugravescu) compilation of poems written by Mihai Eminescu, one of the greatest, if not the greatest Romanian poet, which is considered a national cultural icon both in Romania and Moldova. Eminescu was born on January 15, 1850, in Botoşani, Moldavia. When he was sixteen years old he crossed the whole region of Transylvania by foot, traveled through Romania and that enabled him to have an insight of the country’s culture. While doing so, Eminescu starts writing and signing his works with his true natural name, Mihail Eminovici, that he had to abandon when started publishing his poetry. Later on his life, he attended the universities of Vienna and Berlin but did not finish any of his studies. When he gets back in Romania he starts a career in journalism and becomes the main editor of the newspaper Timpul. In his last years of life, Eminescu starts suffering from manic-depressive psychosis and syphilis. The Romantic poet eventually died in hospital on June 15, 1889, in Bucharest.

Eminescu’s lyrical themes are varied. With this book we can have a slight feeling of the country’s landscape, which is vastly mentioned through visual references of nature like the woods, lakes, branches, birds and many others. There are also many references to the Greek mythology, as well as cultural references, such as the Doina, a kind of popular song based on Romanian shepherds’ laments, which is to Romania the same as Fado is to Portugal. It is interesting to see the resemblances between Portuguese and Romanian, having in mind that these two languages are the two most faraway romance languages that have evolved from Latin, the former in the west and the latter in the east.

Ce te legeni?...

- Ce te legeni, codrule,

Fara ploaie, fără vint,
Cu crengile la pământ?
- De ce nu m-as legana,
Daca trece vremea mea!
Ziua scade, noaptea creste
Şi frunzisul mi-l rareste.
Bate vintul frunza-n dunga
-Cintaretii mi-i alunga;
Bate vintul dintr-o parte -
Iarna-i ici, vara-i departe.
Şi de ce să nu mă plec,
Daca pasarile trec!
Peste virf de ramurele
Trec în stoluri rindunele,
Ducind gindurile mele
Şi norocul meu cu ele.
Şi se duc pe rând, pe rând,
Zarea lumii-ntunecind,
Şi se duc ca clipele,
Scuturind aripele,
Şi mă lasa pustiit,
Vestejit si amortit
Şi cu doru-mi singurel,
De mă-ngin numai cu el!

Mihai Eminescu

Bosque, porque abanas...

Bosque, porque abanas tu,
Sem ventar e sem chover,
Ramos no chão a bater?
- E porque não abanar
Se meu tempo está a passar!
Baixa o dia, a noite cresce
E minha rama fenece.
Sopra o vento em folha gasta
E os cantores meus afasta;
Deste lado o vento pega -
Verão foi, inverno chega.
E porque não me dobrar,
Se as aves vão abalar!
Sobre os ramos se encaminha
Longe em bandos a andorinha,
Leva meu pensar asinha
E com ela a sorte minha.
Uma a uma vão correndo,
Horizonte escurecendo,
Como instantes vão fugindo,
Suas asas sacudindo,
Me deixam desamparado,
Mirrado e desmaiado
E com a saudade a sós,
Feito eco de sua voz.

Translated by Doina Zugravescu

Why do you wail, o forest trees

"Why do you wail o forest trees,
Forest, without rain or breeze,
Your branches ill at ease? "
"How indeed should I not wail
When the hours of Sumner fail!
Nights grow longer, days get short,
On my branches few leaves caught,
And the winds with bitter sword
Drive my choristers abroad;
Autumn winds that forests flay,
Winter near, spring far away.
How indeed should I not groan
When my singing birds have flown,
And across the frozen sky
Flocks of swallows hurry by,
And with them my fancies fly
Leaving me alone to sigh;
Hurly on as time in flight
Turning day half into night,
Time that o'er the forest rings
With a fluttering of wings...
And they pass and leave me cold,
Nude and shivering and old;
For my thoughts with them have flown,
And with them my gladness gone !"

Translated by Corneliu M. Popescu
  • Author: Mihai Eminescu
  • Title: Revedere
  • Publisher: Evoramons Editores
  • Year: 2005
  • ISBN: 972-99486-0-7
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2 comentários:

Liviu disse...

I'm very glad that you enjoy Eminescu's poetries. We, the Romanians, admit him as the greatest Romanian poet who ever lived but we seem to have stopped to pay some attention to him any more. One more fact: his romantic orientation may put also a distance between us and his poems. But you should read "Lucreafarul" (a possible translation in portuguese could be "Estrela brilhante") which is a long love poem about an impossible love. It's great.
By the other hand I'm totally amazed and fallen in love by (or with) Portuguese Culture, people, and more than enything else, by the great Lisboa.
I'm glad I met you here.
Cheers, Liviu.

dragoş c disse...

hello, i found your blog on liviu's. i'm glad you like eminescu's poems. though i didnt know portuguese, i love alcoforado, saramago, pessoa and
not so much david mourão-ferreira (a happy love :) )
ps - i made a popular blog about eminescu